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A Submissive Wife

Feb. 25th, 2010 07:06 pm Interesting comments

It is interesting the comments that my posts have elicited. It seems to be either love or hate, nothing ambiguous. My life, my views, my opinions; it matters not that others agree or disagree with them. To me they feel right and true and living by their precepts gives me identity, contenment, security, challenge, excitement, a sense of place and identity. I don't care if it is anyone else's, but that there are some voices that speak up and agree, recognize a truth in what I say, then good for you and I support you on your path. For those whose reaction has been vitriolic, well I couldn't, wouldn't live your life either, but I'm not going to tell you that you are "wrong" or "sick" or whatever. I have nothing to say to you that you will or want to hear and neither do you for me, so go your way and as I don't dump on you, have the courtesy todo the same. If you want to question or argue or engage in a dialogue, great.

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Nov. 14th, 2007 09:04 pm Romance, Love and Sex (not necessarily in that order)

Getting the house ready for Thanksgiving company, I was musing on these questiona;

What is love in an M/s relationship? Can it be thought of as “romantic”? What is the difference between the slave’s love of her Owner and the Owner’s love for his slave, or is there a difference? Is sexual submission “making love” or an act of service and obedience? Is there a difference? As my Owners’ property, does he even have to love me? As his property, am I obligated to love him?


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Nov. 8th, 2007 06:34 am Horribly sexist rant

I read a lot of blogs and articles in newspapers and magazines, stories by and about women bemoaning the fact that they can't get a man. He doesn't want to commit, he's selfish in bed, blah, blah, blah. I know that you've all see them. Well get a clue ladies. You cant get a man because you aren't being a woman. You aren't looking and acting in such a manner that attracts a real man. Real men want a woman who isn't afraid of her own feminine nature of being vulnerable and submissive to the male spirit. And while we're at it, a woman that takes the time to look her best. A woman that wants a man in her life is going to have to understand that there is never an excuse for not looking your best for him. From head to toe, your aim is to please visually. 

http://www.funzu.com/content/view/744/49/ Take a look at these and honestly, which do you think is going to get the guys attention? Pretty much a no brainer right? and clothes? That lace teddy may not be as comfortable as those flannel pj's but if you want a man in your life, get over it, it's not about your self centered little likes anymore. If you want a man in your life, you'll put him first and you will find the truely feminine pleasure of being pleasing is what every real man seeks in a woman.

Whew! Wen grocery shopping today. I've just got to stop reading the magazines while waiting in line at the checkout.

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Nov. 3rd, 2007 10:10 pm Moment of Recognition

We'd talked about me becoming his property. We'd talked about marriage and wives as chattle to their husbands. We'd talked about a woman and her status and place as slave and servant. We'd talked about the relinquishing of freedom and rights and of being defined forever as nothing more or less than what he wished of me. And all the while I was submissive and yearning for more and really felt that i was losing myself into being his. And then we got married. We committed. Stood before friends and family and made solemn promises of love and honor and I to obey. Until death do us part. His forever. But all the talking, all the words, all that desire, mean that I was really understanding of what "forever his" really meant.




My introduction of my new life as owned wife was with my clothes. When I moved in to my husbands house and was unpacking my clothes, my husband would take each piece, and say whether I could keep it or not. All my pants and jeans went into the give away pile. Ditto any shoe without at least a three inch heel. Banished were pantyhose, any undies he didn't think sexy, skirts that were too long, blouses that weren't tight enough. I put away all that he had decided to keep in this wonderful walk in closet. When I was done, he said he didn't care for what I was wearing right then, and told me to take them off and put them away as well. I did, and I asked what he wanted me to wear. He handed me a shoe box. These, he told me, would be enough for me to wear for awhile. I opened the box and there were a pair of black patent heels. They'd a five inch spiked heel and a ankle strap that had a little heart shaped padlock that closed it. I put them on and my husband clicked the little locks. My highest heels were four inch and when I did wear heels, they were usually three inch. so I was a little teetery on those shoes. My husband then pulled close the closet door and again taking out his keys, locked the door. As I stood there, naked but for a pair of heels I could barely walk in and couldn't get out of, it was that moment when it clicked for me, that I'd not only been physically stripped, but my nakedness and the hobbling nature of the shoes I was locked into, were metaphor to what my life was now become. My husband held all my choices for me, not for just that day, but the next day and the day after, and all the days after.




From that day to this, I have learned and come to accept that what my husband decides for me. Being his property, he gets to choose what pleases him. My choice is to be happy to please him and I am.

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Oct. 28th, 2007 08:57 am More sex please

I was thinking about my last post and how my husband uses me for sex. When we were first married, he kept me naked most of the time and would have me a half dozen times a day. I would be running the vacuum and then next thing I would know I be bent over the back of the couch or washing the dishes, being interrupted with his need to have me orally service him. I loved being kept on a leash, ready for sex.

With the birth of our first child,things have changed. I wear a dress now, though I'm still kept naked beneath or wearing butt plug or dildo harness. My husbands use of me is now a bit furtive, doors are now closed to curious little eyes, a drive to the store alone with him means a stop in a secluded spot. I miss the spontaneity and openness, but now there is the "might get caught" kind of kink that has added something new. Being a submissive and being a mom is a balancing act. My husband is really good at keeping me on edge, of building up the sexual tension over the course of the day until I am nuts with want and need. I wonder as my new son suckles at my breast, can he sense my bodies state of sexual excitement from the latex panties with the six inch dildo that my husband has me wearing today? Is my toddler daughter somewhere aware of the sent of sex on me because while she napped her father did me doggy style on the floor of his office?

As the kids grow and become more aware, sex is going to be a more problematic situation for us. As they get older it will easier to leave them with my parents for an occasional weekend get away. I'm looking forward to when they get to school age and then for hours a day I can be the naked sex slave again.

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Oct. 27th, 2007 10:06 pm Submissive sex

I have begun every morning of my married life, with rare exception, no my knees with my husbands cock in my mouth. As his wife, he has dominion over my body and can demand of it sexual gratification when ever and where ever he wants and as his wife I dutifully and joyfully, obey. Coming into the marriage, I was young, and inexperienced and while not ignorant, I was pretty naive. The morning ritual of me on my knees, hands behind me, my husband standing and taking me by the head and hair and using my mouth, was the beginning of my training in sexual submission. And this morning ritual remains today a daily reminder of my place and role as woman and wife.

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Oct. 14th, 2007 10:08 am Every thing different, every thing the same

Nothing quite like a new baby in the house to turn everything upside down and reorder all of your priorities. My husband is so proud and excited to have a son. He loves our daughter, but she is just a girl, valued in her own right and own way, but a girl. S, my daughter is also very thrilled with her new brother. She talks with all the enthusiasm of a five year old of how she is going to take care of him and be a good sister. I love the way S is growing up. She is smart and bright, and is, like I was, a real Daddy's girl.

My sister in law and her eldest daughter were with us, helping out for a few days, Jeanine is so wonderful, and T who jus turned fourteen is a such a lovely and demure young woman.Jeanine is such a good wifely role model and has done a great job raising her. I hope that I do as well.

Raising a son will be so different than raising a daughter. It is going to be a challenge, I'm sure, but I will have my husbands' firm hand and guidance to help me. 

Thank you all for your congratulations and best wishes.

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Sep. 30th, 2007 06:08 pm Mom again

I'd like to announce the entry into the world of our son, Johan, who made a very, very quick appearance on September 24th at 4:30 in the afternoon. Mr. H delivered because his son wouldn't wait for the mid-wife. If this impatient trait holds, it's further proof of genetics since his father is not one to be kept waiting either.

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Aug. 18th, 2007 09:50 pm Limits

I read in some discussions about “limits” which is, to my mind” another way of being able to say “no”. I understand that in terms of sadomasochistic relationships, where pain is central to to the dynamic and is understandable and necessary for safety’s sake. But when a woman becomes owned and bound for life, limits take on a whole different definition and meaning. As my husbands property, I have at once no limits and lots of limits. I have no limits because saying “no” to my husband isn’t possible. Limits are what are imposed on me by my husband. In my dress, in my posture, in my deportment, even to writing in this journal, are all dictated by my husband. To this some have responded with comments about “micro management.” My husband doesn’t look over my shoulder or tell me what and how to do every little thing. As my husband explains it, “Once you have trained a dog to obey, you can enjoy the dog being a dog. The animals’ obedience enhances both its usefulness to you and your pleasure in ownership. So it is with having a a wife. “ My husband has trained me to understand my limits and to be obedient to his commands and so I am free to be enjoyed by him as his wife and woman.

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Aug. 9th, 2007 09:47 pm Slaves ~Submissives ~ Property

I see in discussion groups from time to time the ever ingoing debate of what is a slave and what is a submissive and how can you tell, and on and on and on. If you are a woman, then you are submissive by nature. You may not know it, it might have been brain washed out of you, but if you have a vagina and breasts, you are submissive. In an ideal world, women would be again what they once were, and that is property. A girl first belongs to their father and then becomes the property to whomever man her father decides.  Women as property are freed from choice. Is this slavery? Can she be bought and sold? Are not women bought and sold every day in society now? And which is more demeaning, to be bought by a man who prizes a valuable possession that he will care for, or auction oneself off as a consumer good to be used and discarded? Marriage is too frivolous now, it too has become part of the throw away ethos we live in. Better off am I to wear the collar and tags of my husband and owner.

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